Mowing, Trimming & Clean-up

We can maintain your yard on whatever schedule you prefer, be it bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call. This service includes mowing the grass, cleaning debris, trimming shrubs, cleaning up leaves, sweeping the driveway, walkway and entrance, and tending to plants.

edging & hardscraping

Edging and hardscraping creates definition between your turf, hard surfaces, and gardens. From bricks and pavers to pebbles, cobblestones and mosaic glass, your options abound!  

Lawn fertilizing

Grass should be fertilized strategically for steady, healthy growth. Common Georgia varieties such as Bermuda, Zoysia and Fescue call for their own protocols. Soil type also determines when and how to fertilize your lawn. We provide customized fertilizer to fit the needs of your lawn and garden.   

aeration to loosen soil

If you own a home in Metro Atlanta, your probably already know that your soil is full of clay. That's why we spend so much of our time aerating lawns at key times so that your grass roots can penetrate more deeply while soaking in more water and oxygen.    

​repairing bald spots

Those stubborn bald spots in your lawn may be the result of compacted soil, weeds, roots, underground pipes, insects, or even moles. Whatever the cause, we repair these bald spots through a variety of methods. Commonly, an approach of weeding, overseeding, and mulching the areas solves the problem.

sod installation  

To sod or not to sod? That is the question. While seeding is simpler, some lawns call for new sod to give your yard a total face lift. After careful consultation, we help you determine what you'll most enjoy. Many Kennesaw homeowners prefer warm-season varieties like Bermuda, Centipede, and St. Augustine. Others enjoy the cool-season types, such as Rye and Fescue. We deliver and install the sod, and then do all of the clean-up.   

spring & fall clean-ups

Fall clean-up entails removing leaves, trimming shrubs, and protecting beds from bugs and fungi over the cold months. The spring clean-up process is similar, though not as intensive. It may involve cutting back dead branches, pulling up spent annuals, trimming shrubs, and prepping perennials.  

complete landscape design 

Looking to make your neighbors jealous? We can work within any budget to design a beautiful yard. We start by consulting with you and preparing a free proposal. Once we've hashed out the details, we set to work. Some of our proudest work involves rock and water gardens; arbors with climbing vines; and Knockout Rose gardens. Find out more about our Kennesaw landscape design services.   

residential Lawn services


Get the gorgeous lawn and gleaming curb appeal you crave with Stam's Landscape. We provide full-service lawn care to Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, and surrounding areas. Homeowners enlist us for a wide panoply of services, from seasonal clean-up to bi-weekly mowing and trimming. Most commonly, these tasks include: 


  • Mowing, trimming & cleanup
  • lawn fertilizing
  • Aeration to loosen soil
  • overseeding bald spots 
  • sod installation
  • spring & fall cleanuPS
  • COMPLETE Landscape DESIGN 

gorgeous lawns & gardens 
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